10 Valentine’s Day Projects for Scrap Yarn

I’m a pretty devoted Moogly fan. As I was going through my Valentines Day Pinterest board, her Sweet on Crochet: 10 Free Valentine Patterns came up. Looking for a few quick, scrap projects, I decided to expand on her idea and make a list of

10 Free

  1. I Give you my Heart Bookmark by Sunflowers at Home
  2. Yarn Hearts by Aunt Peaches
  3. Crochet Flying Heart Applique by Bea Crafter 
  4. Granny Sweet Heart Pattern by Nancy Drew Designs
  5. Dainty Heart Valentine Earings by Crochet Memories
  6. Heart Shaped Pompoms by Willowday
  7. Crochet Flower in a Heart by Cre8tion Crochet
  8. More Crochet Hearts by Dada’s Place
  9. Sweet Lacy Hearts by Linda’s Crafty Corner
  10. Love Wiggles Trivet (Okay, so this one isn’t technically for scraps, but I LOVE this pattern and it looks pretty easy even for someone honing their skills!)

I’ll be hookin’ today and can’t wait to try out a few of these between my other projects! What did you try from the list? Any projects you would add? Let me know in a comment here or on Facebook! 🙂

Knitting, Crochet, and the Perfect Pair of Pants

Few things are worse for a crocheter than seeing an absolutely LOVELY pattern, fall in love with it, plan what yarn you’ll use and what colour, then discover it’s a KNITTING patter. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Devastating.

I have no idea how to knit. The idea of managing two needles at once frightens me. I just don’t really have any inclination to start learning it. Crochet, for now at least, is enough for me.

I was browsing Pinterest for ideas on what to do with the sock yarn I splurged on. I wanted to make something other than socks. I came across these adorable little baby pants and knew I just had to make them! The yarn I had would work up beautifully for these pants! I mean, just look at them!

80850ada_small2 and with my yarn…..That One *swoon*

So, when I read the first lines of the pattern, I was so upset! However, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I’ve done a few hats in the past from pictures. I decided I could figure this one out, too. Then, I can write up a pattern to share here.

I know how to make the “ridges” on the waist by doing rows of crochet both loops, then crochet back loops only on repeat for many, many short rows. Then you crochet the ends together and turn it horizontally. That worked up well enough. I started the waist/butt part next bu doing rounds and rounds of single crochets. I had originally started with double crochets, but it doesn’t look right. It works up faster, but is too loose and holy for the pants.

I’ve never worked with sock yarn before. It’s a thin, size 1, lace yarn. It’s very fine. It’s tough making sure I don’t pull out too much when I work with it and get it all tangled. Each row adds only another teeny,tiny section to the length. It is tough to see progress with it. I will keep slowly,slowly plodding along a few rows at a time while watching Netflix in the evenings with my husband. I’ll share the progress over the next few day (Weeks? Months? years!?)

Lyssa xx

P.S…I think this is only project four stacked on the little end table on my side of the couch. Not too bad for just starting February!

Have you ever felt the devastation of seeing a pattern and then realizing it wasn’t available in crochet!? What have you made with sock yarn before? Let me know in a comment below!

Winter Is Kicking My Butt…

Winter is really kicking my butt. As an American living in England, getting use to the dark winter days, raining all the time, and the WIND is tough.

I usually try to put out a post on Mondays. As this is a blog and website dedicated to my Etsy crochet shop, I usually post something related to crochet. Today, however, I’m too sick to post. I have a few blogs in various stages of writing, but I’m to tired to finish them. Instead, I’m taking a sick day, because….



So, I’m putting off my piles of school work, I am probably going to skip class, and I’m just going to curl up on the couch with my 10 week old, drink hot tea, and “watch Netflix ‘n’ Chill”. Oh, and crochet, of course!

What are some of your favorite things to do when you are sick that make you feel better? Have you had the flu this year? No? How have you stayed healthy? Let me know in a comment below!

P.S….tune in next week when I may even post TWO blogs! 🙂