About My Shop


Handmade Hodgepodge: A Crochet Shop is Born

Crochet didn’t always come easily to me. In fact, the first time I was introduced to it in Elementary school, I had so much trouble and frustration with it, that I quite Girl Scouts when I failed to earn my badge!
Many years later, I stumbled upon a sale on crochet hooks and books and thought, “Why not?” Again, I struggled. I’m left handed, which is difficult in a right handed world full of directions and pictures for right handed people. I struggled trying to decipher doing everything “backwards”. I Googled and I watched countless YouTube videos. Finally,after 100 lopsided squares, thousands of times ripping my projects apart to start again, and many broken ends of yarn….it clicked. I finally could get my hands to move like they needed to, and my projects were turning out in the desired shape instead of resembling a strange monster from some swamp or child’s drawing.
When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I immediately decided the baby would need an entire crocheted wardrobe. Soon, I was drowning in handmade items! Shoes and blankets and jackets, oh my! My husband began to grow a bit concerned at the number of things I had created. Deciding I needed a way to feed my new addiction, I decided to open a shop to sell my handmade crochet item. I purchased far to much yarn, paid a friend to design my logo, ordered recycled kraft boxes for packaging, and got to work!
I am a military veteran, married to a pretty stellar man who is currently still in the military, and we live overseas in the UK where his job has brought him. Together, we are slowly, slowly earning our college degrees and raising our crazy 3 year old son and his new baby brother.